Who is Seed Artillery?

We are historians and makers of period correct artillery tubes and carriages. We also specialize in restoring 18th and 19th century artillery.

Working to restore the past comes with an attention to details

Having been in the business of restoring antique small arms for over 18 years, and having done cabinet making and antique furniture restoration for over 5 years, Seedenburg has acquired many of the unique skill sets which allow him to perfectly restore original antique artillery. Many collectors have trusted Seedenburg over the years with priceless irreplaceable antiques that needed fine engraving, silver inlay, wood repair, and complete part replacements. The replacement of missing parts requires skills in forging, casting, heat treating, and patina matching. It is only through years of practice from an early age, an inherent talent, and commitment to perfection that Seedenburg and Seed Artillery has emerged as the “go to” place for those who expect perfection.

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What Can We Offer?

Seed Artillery works on many different types of projects and can often deliver results when others cannot. The scope of the work done is very wide and is unique to the artillery piece that needs to be restored or repaired. We meet NSSA standards on all replica work and hold each project to the highest standards. Below is an overview of the work offered, but we can take on any project.


Ordnance Rifles
Parrott Rifles 10-20-30 Pounder
12-Pounders “Bronze”
2.25” Mountain Rifles
6-Pounder Guns
12-Pound Mountain Howitzers
Custom Barrels


In Wood, Steel, or Aluminum
Field Carriages (No. 1, 2, and 3)
Seige Carriages
Prairie Carriages
Custom Carriages


Civil War Sights and Brackets
English Sights
18th Century Sights
Custom Sights


Whitworth Polygonal
Parrott (Gain Twist)
Ordnance Rifle
2.25” Mountain Rifle
Custom Designs

Contact us to discuss your project and we will work with you to create a unique product you will treasure for a lifetime.