December 20, 2016


I met Dave Seedenburg about 18 months ago. I went with a friend to pick up a cannon barrel that Dave had. My hobby is Civil War era guns and reproduction cannons for live fire competition shooting.

He had a cannon barrel in the lath and a completed one on the floor. I was really impressed with the quality of his work. when I decided that I HAD to have one.

That is when I decided that I HAD to have one.

My 1st cannon barrel, from him, was a Civil War era reproduction Mountain Howitzer with a liner.

I went back to him for my 2nd barrel because he said that he could make a bronze cannon just like the original, with no liner in the barrel.

He makes the barrels to specification. He is not afraid to try to make any type of cannon or parts for a cannon. He is working on some sights for my next cannon.

Because of the quality of his workmanship I have recommended him to others.

He keeps me informed on how my projects are going. He emails pictures and sends text messages. He sent me a picture of the bronze barrel and it looks just fantastic. I can hardly wait to get it.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to get a cannon barrel, barrel liner or cannon sights made. You will not be disappointed.

Ken Winklepleck, 19 December 2016